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*Quick Online Approvals

*Minimal Documentation

*Term Loans

*Interest only

payment option

*up to 650k

*fixed payments


Why our Working Capital Options are so popular:

  • Not tied to Accounts Receivables

  • Renewable/Reuseable

  • Does not report to Credit Bureau

  • Interest Only option (New Option)

  • NOT a daily periodic payment program

  • Almost all credit profiles accepted

  • Soft Credit Pull

  • Cash to you average time - 4 days

  • Can be used for many uses

  • Minimal, if any, prepayment penalty

Who is it for?

Working Capital Loans, Lines of Credit, Operating Capital or whatever you want to call them... ProMed Financial is the place to go! 

Our Term or Revolving Working Capital Loan Products are designed for doctors currently in practice.

These Term Loans can go up to 750k for unsecured and up to 1 million secured.


(typical approval is as much as 22% of annualized Gross Revenues)


Please note that we pull what is called a 'Soft Credit Pull' which does not report onto your credit


By submitting your Application, you consent for ProMed Financial  Inc. to contact you via phone, email, or text - potential offers that may be of interest to you. You may opt out later . Please read our Terms and Conditions below.

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“For more than twenty years, Pro-Med Financial has been my source for any
capital needed.  When I first started and no one would risk believing in me, Pro-Med secured the funds for me to begin buying dental practices throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. "

James R. DDS

ProMed Financial has a variety of Medical Practice Loans. A lot of our borrowers look to Consolidate Debts after taking out a shorter term, Working Capital Loan. We have an exciting array of loans and offers to tell you about. We also sell practices NATIONWIDE! We are constantly co-developing and bringing new products into the Medical Marketplace. 


Applicant warrants all credit and financial information submitted to ProMed Financial Inc. and/or its assignee's to be true and accurate. You hereby authorize ProMed Financial and or its affiliates to obtain all necessary information from credit reporting agencies and or 3rd parties as is necessary in determining an extension of credit as described herein. Information exchanged via telephone, mail, internet, or facsimile that is required for the purposes of making a credit decision is hereby deemed appropriate and or true to the best of Applicants knowledge. By checking the box above the Applicant specifically authorizes ProMed and/or its assigns to obtain personal credit bureau reports for the mailing, extension, or renewal of this decision or collection of information for the resulting account.

Federal Law gives Consumers the right to limit some but not all sharing of information. Federal Law requires us to let you know how we collect, share and protect your Personal Information.

Types of personal information we collect can vary and is dependent on the type of product you desire. Information may include: Social Security number, Account Balances, Transaction History and Credit Information.

A financial company needs to share a client’s personal information so as to verify potential extensions of credit.

Furthermore, ProMed Financial is a multi-purpose service company and may deem other products to be of interest to you. You can always limit your sharing and or opt out by calling 888-277-6633.

Please Note: Direct marketing is email, postal mail and telephone marketing. Your telephone and postal mail opt-out choices will last for five years, subject to applicable law. Even if you limit direct marketing, we may still contact you to service your account or as otherwise allowed by law.

ProMed Financial is a bank and/or lending affiliate, Contracted Development Company. Our relationships require a transparency and disclosure of any information deemed necessary in making a proper credit decision. Therefore, we are required to share information as per our legal contracts with said affiliates.

No information from client/consumer is ever sold to any 3rd party company. The information collected is exclusively shared with our Contracted Credit Facilities and/or for our internal marketing which may include Healthcare Related Loans or Practices for Sale. DoctorsWorkingCapital is an affiliate company and or URL of  ProMed Financial Inc. , a California Corporation. All rights reserved.

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